Why should you see Dr. Nate for Physical Therapy? Blending science with inspiration, Nate will teach you how to prevent or manage a health condition and help motivate you during your treatment with the objective of optimal function. He will work with you to help you understand your body in order to recover from injury and achieve long-term health benefits. With a focus on proper exercise technique and hands on techniques Nate’s treatment plans are designed to meet your individual goals, challenges, and needs.

Extended Care Options. Oftentimes, patients will reach their maximum covered benefit before they’ve reached their personal goal. It is here that our Extended Care options really stand out. We have several opportunities for patients to continue their recovery journey with us, here at TPT, utilizing all of the equipment and education that they had at their disposal during their insurance covered visits. We have also found Extended Care to be crucial to those who have been discharged due to the end of medical necessity, but who have not yet reached their personal goal. This program has several options for you to choose from and allows our therapist and staff to customize the very best plan for you. It is always our goal, for you, to achieve yours.