Performance Training is a term that has become very widely used with young athletes today and can take on many different meanings. It is important for Athletes, Coaches and Parents alike to determine what each program offers and the potential benefit. TPT Performance Training offers a special combination of benefits because of our unique focus on both injury prevention and performance enhancement. Directed by Nate Taylor, A Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, our program focuses on quality of movement, awareness of body position and how to combine these into powerful performance.  Many programs may help you gain strength, speed or sport specific skills; but you can have it all. You will see improvement through measured development and decrease your injury risk while receiving the highest level of quality supervision.  Sign up for a complimentary class and experience the proven difference today.

What Can Performance Training Do For You? There are physical components in every athlete which are maximally developed only through the right combination of knowledge acquisition, proper techniques, program design and intense effort.  You give the effort, we will provide the rest.  Strength and conditioning programs and sport science are being used by college and professional organizations around the country.  Experience what performance training can do for you.  Research has proven that with commitment to this type of program you can expect to increase in:

  • Dynamic and Static Flexibility: Your muscles will stretch further and range of motion of your joints will increase.  This will come through as longer stride length and improved torque during sport activities.
  • Balance and Joint Stability: Increase control and awareness of your body position which allows the working muscles to perform more efficiently and minimize loss of control resulting in injury.
  • Strength:  Functional strength will allow you to push and pull harder and get more out of your muscles resulting in increased force production.
  • Speed: Improve running mechanics, reaction time, and the ability to reach your full sprinting potential as measured in the 20 and 40 yard dash by all college recruiting sources.
  • Power: Measured by the speed at which force is produced, your power production is demonstrated and noticed by all coaches in tests such as your vertical jump and power hop.
  • Endurance: Go harder longer. Increasing your muscular and cardiovascular endurance will allow you to practice and compete longer and with greater intensity

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What is Performance Training?